Complementary information to the paper
"Autonomous motion planning of a hand-arm robotic system based on captured human-like hand postures"
by Jan Rosell, Raúl Suárez, Carlos Rosales and Alexander Pérez
(submitted, under review)

File containing configurations of the mechanical hand SAH. These experimental data were obtained using a sensorized glove (Cyberglove) and asking the users to move the hand in the free space while having visual feedback of the equivalent (and recorded) configurations of the mechanical hand SAH. The mapping from the glove to the hand is described in the paper. The columns in the file, from left to rigth, correspond to the following joints of the mechanical hand:

1. Thumb roll
2. Thumb abduction (same as thumb roll, with a limited range of movement)
3. Thumb inner
4. Thumb middle & outer (same angle for the two couple joints)
5. index-middle abduction
6. index inner
7. index middle & outer
8. middle abduction (it is the reference for the abduction angles of the index and ring fingers, thus, it is always null, see the paper for more details)
9. middle inner
10. middle middle & outer
11. middle- ring abduction
12. middle inner
13. middle middle & outer

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