coDCcar_logo research project

Title: Advanced control of on-board DC multibus systems in vehicles.
Founding: Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad (Spanish Government)
Identification number: DPI2017-85404-P.
Period: 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2021.

This project is carried out by the ACES research group at the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).


In the last years two main challenges raised up in the automotive sector: for one hand, the CO2 reduction that implies a weight reduction and increasing the efficiency of the vehicle components and, for another hand, the customer’s requirements, mainly, in terms of performance and security. Consequently, the use of electrified systems emerged as an alternative to be considered by the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). This new tendency does not only consider the electrification of the power train (i.e. electrical and hybrid vehicles) but is also evident in many auxiliary devices that are increasingly being electrified.
However, the major electrification of vehicles could imply problems related to on-board DC micro-grids. This implies the necessity of designing: controllers that ensure grid stability in front of the connection of constant power loads (CPLs), but also offer good robustness and efficiency properties, and optimization algorithms for the dc micro grid.


This project considers a DC multi-bus, with the most, used automotive voltages (400V, for power the train, and 48 V and 12 V, for auxiliary devices), composed by only one storage element (batteries). The dc buses will be connected by one multiport converter (400/48/12 V DC) that will also offer charger functionalities thanks to a single-phase 230 V, or tree-phase 400 V, controlled unitary power factor rectifier. The main advantage of using only one battery and one power converter is the size and weight reduction.
The aim of this project is to study and develop control strategies for a DC multi-bus and a multi-port power converter that provides energy management among the dc buses and AC/DC charging functionalities. During the project several control techniques will be used; resonant digital control, sliding-mode control, adaptive control, control based on systems with complex coefficients, control of complex networks and continuous optimization methods. The obtained control algorithms will be tested in the experimental plants and, the obtained results are expected to be of interest of the industrial and automotive sectors.

KEY WORDS: Control of power electronic converters, stability and regulation, constant power loads, on-board dc networks.




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